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imstephok haha I know right!!! Life of a baker, 3am wake up calls!

Goodnight loves 😊 #me


The photo to the left was me at my highest weight, 305 lbs! I never realized I was this big!

Current weight: 163 lbs! 

Total lost: 142 lbs 

Started at a size 3X shirt and a size 24 jeans or pant! Currently I am down to a S or M shirt and a size 10 jean or pant

Changing my lifestyle has been the greatest thing I have ever done for myself

Wow!!!!! I can’t believe this has so many notes! Thank you so much everyone!! You’re amazing!


left: 263
right: 185-190 (haven’t weighed myself recently)
h: 5’8

I’m in so much shock right now. I don’t understand how I still feel like I look like the picture on the left, but I always do until I put together a before and after picture. The only advice I have is to get active. Eat if you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. And lift some heavy shit (free weights). You can do it.


The difference between these photos is one year and about 120 pounds.

Instagram: Hangetsfitxoxo

Oh hey, the purple headed “weirdo” is back! 😊 #me

Bought a little 5oz espresso maker! I’m so so excited! I swear I’ll master these iced lattes!

Well goodbye friend

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Can’t get enough Life, cereal that is #me #ww